What is a card?

A card is a way to organize your own profiles that you’ve added to Clikk. You can have as many different cards as you want. For example, there may be different cards for different purposes such as family, friends, colleagues, etc. The advantage of cards is that you can replace them whenever you want. The updates you make to a card will be updated to everyone you’ve shared the specific card with.

How to make a card?

To make a card, you must first go to

1. Your own profile

2. Then add or edit cards in the card menu at the top of the profile page

What happens if I change one card?

If you change a card, this will be updated to everyone you have previously shared the card with. You can either replace all profiles, replace the old card with a new card with other profiles, or make minor changes such as deleting or adding another social media to the card. The information will then be updated to everyone you’ve previously shared the card.

The users you’ve shared your cards with already will get a notification that you’ve updated what you’re sharing.

What happens if I delete a card?

If you delete a card, you will have two choices.

  1. You can either replace the card with another card. The card you then choose to share instead of will be updated to everyone you previously shared the card you want to delete with.
  2. You can delete the card without any changes. Those you’ve previously shared the card will still have access to all the profiles you’ve had in the card you’re deleting.

Required cards

You get automatic when you register in Clikk two required cards. A card with all your profiles and a card for your followers.

Required card: Main card

In your card with all your profiles, all accounts you have added to Clikk will be represented.

Required card: Follower card

Your follower card will be profiles you want to let people follow. All profiles in your follower card will be available to other users who follow you, and to all other users in Clikk if you have a public account.

NOTE: Users you have blocked will not be able to find your profile, nor your follower card. 

Can other users see which card I've shared?

No, only you can see which card you have shared. A card is only an opportunity for yourself to systematize your own profiles.

What happens if I add a profile to a card?

If you add a new social media to a card, this will automatically be shared with everyone you’ve shared the card with before. The user will then receive a notification that you have updated sharing information.

What happens if I remove a profile from a card I've shared?

If you remove a social media from a card, this profile will be removed from everyone you’ve shared the card with. The user will then receive a notification that you have updated sharing information.