Clikks – an easier way to connect


What does "Clikk" and "Clikk's mean"?

Clikk can be compared to “adding as a friend” on other social media sites. When clikking with other users, choose which profiles you want other users to have access to. The other user chooses which profiles to share with you. Users don’t have to share the same profiles with each other.

Clikks is the number of people you’ve been dealing with.

Customize what you share or receive from your Clikks

You can manage your clikks at any time. You have the option to choose what you receive and what you want to share with other users you’ve been working with. To change what you want to share with an individual user, visit the relevant user:

  1. Press the Clikked button and a menu will appear.
  2. You can now choose whether to customize what you receive or customize what you share.
  3. Choose the option that suits your purpose.
  4. Check the media you want to share or view from the user.
  5. Then tap Save.

Based on the changes you’ve made, the user will now have access to more or fewer profiles based on what you’ve changed. If you change what you receive, only the feed list and notifications will be updated, and you will no longer receive updates on the profiles from which you do not wish to receive information.

How do I remove a person I've been working with?

There are two ways to remove a person or group that you’ve been cliched with.

Number 1:
1. Go to your Profile, tap the text that shows how many Clikks you have.
2. Here you will find a list of the ones you have been cliched with. Tap The tick to delete the one you’ve been cliched with.
3. Then confirm the selection by selecting Remove

Number 2:
1. Go in to a person you’ve been dealing with. Either through your contact list or through search.
2. Once you are on the profile page of the one you want to remove, tap the icon that shows “Clikked“.
3. Then select Unclikk.
4. Confirm the selection by selecting Remove