What does following mean?

You can choose to follow a person. This is a one-sided link between two users. You can ask for permission to follow private users. A private user must then approve your request. If the user has a public profile, you can see all the profiles the public user has in their follower card.

Manage followers

You can manage users you follow at any time. You have the option to choose what you receive. To change what you receive from another user you follow, visit the relevant user:

  1. Click the Following button on the relevant profile page. A menu will appear.
  2. Then click Customize what you receive.
  3. Check the media you want to get updates from.
  4. Then tap Save.

Based on the changes you made, you will now receive information only from the profiles you have chosen to see from the other user. You will no longer receive updates on the social media you have removed. You can go back to change your selection at any time, provided the other user still shares the same profiles with you.

How do I change account privacy in Clikk?

1. Go to your Profile,tap Settings and then select Account.
2. Then select Privacy.
3. Here you can choose between having a Public or Private Account. Select Private Account to make your account private. Select Public Account to make your account available to all other users.

If you choose a public account, all users in Clikk will be able to see your follower card.

If you choose a private account, other users will only have access to your profiles in your follower card if you have approved that they can follow you.

Anyone can send you a request to clikk, regardless of whether you have a public or private account.

Followers - Private Account

Even if you have a closed profile, you can have a follower card and followers. You will then receive a request under notice if someone wishes to follow you. Your followers will have access to the social media that you have chosen for your follower card at any given time.

Users you have blocked will not be able to find your account in Clikk and ask to follow you.

Followers - Public Account

If you have a public profile, your follower card will be available to all users in Clikk at any time. This means that anyone can visit your user and see the profiles you have selected should be visible in your follower card. 

Users you have blocked will not be able to find your account in Clikk.