Online security

Our main commitment to Clikk is to keep our community safe for our users. This is a challenging and critically important area for our industry. Our approach to protecting the safety of our users spans policies, products, users and partners. 

Our Community and Terms of Service Policy describes the behavior we would like our users to adhere to when using Clikk. Any content that sexually exploits, targets or exposes children is strictly prohibited on Clikk. The same applies to other offensive content that goes against our policies. In the event of a violation of our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, we will immediately take steps to remove content, terminate accounts, report to the social media content coming from, as well as report the matter to NCMEC and law enforcement as needed.

We have built several controls directly in the app to in the vareta security of our users. For example, the user has the ability to make an account private, restrict who can view their accounts and content from other social media sites in Clikk, block other users, or report inappropriate content. In addition, we have implemented an age limit of 12+ for the use of Clikk.

We have zero tolerance for content that exploits or exposes children and other users. Much of our user security is the result of other social media human and machine-based moderation tools. We keep up to date with what other social media available in Clikk is doing and what they do to maintain the safety of their user.

For us, it is important that social media actors implemented in Clikk have a solution that fits with Clikk’s user safety guidelines. This may, for example, be about the location, identification and removal of hate speech, images and content from their channels. Their efforts help us remove this type of content quickly and often before it reaches our general community in Clikk. Only quality-assured social media will be available in Clikk. We continuously update and improve our systems in our commitment to user security.

We are constantly working to build a secure environment for all our users.  Clikk will always choose the partners who will help to best ensure abuse of the platform, user data, technology, and privacy.